05 Best Mountains Sri Lanka

  • Adam’s Peak is perhaps the most well-known mountain in Sri Lanka. Located in the Sabaragamuwa Province with an elevation of 2,243m. It is a place of worship for all of Sri Lanka’s major religions. Hon the very heart of the island the Central Province, lies the hill country. It is a land of verticals.
  • Sri Lankans centuries ago, used the mountains as a natural defense against the colonizing British with choke points and rolling boulders to protect the last kingdom of Kandy. Traveling through the roads that wind around the mountains presents breath-taking scenery with tea estates that seem like miles of green carpet, waterfalls, and mist-covered peaks.
  • Mount Pedro with an elevation of 2,524m is the highest mountain of Sri Lanka and is located here, close to the city of Nuwara Eliya. The Knuckles Mountain Range, Horton Plains, Kirigalpoththa, Hakgala, and Thotupola mountains are some of the other main attractions in Nuwara Eliya.



  • Namunukula is a mountain in the Badulla District of Sri Lanka and closer to the Moneragala District. The height of the main peak of Namunukula is about 6600 feet. It is popular as a good observation point in the upcountry. The entry points to Namunukula are from Badulla town, from Passara or Badalkumbura and Ella town.
  • The most popular and beautiful entrance is Ella. We could see the morning mist on the eastern side of the range dotting out Monaragala, Pottuvil, and the eastern coast. On its western slope, Yala, Kirinda, Tissamaharama, and farther into the southern coast was clearer.


Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada)

  • It’s located in a very breathtaking area of southern hill country. Sri Pada has been a pilgrimage center perhaps for all faiths for over 1000 years. The Lord Buddha’s sacred footprint believes to be in a rock formation. Therefore, thousands of devotees throng to this sacred mountain peak in order to worship the sacred footprint of the Buddha. Sri Pada is a conical mountain 7,360 feet high, soaring clear above the surrounding mountain ranges.
  • The pilgrimage usually takes place from December to April, which is the dry season just before the southeast monsoon breaks. The great desire of every pilgrim is to reach the peak before dawn to see the magnificent sight of the sunrise and thereafter perform their religious rites. Young, old and married women carrying children and old men, who appear physically incapable of the tiring effort, make the ascent strengthened by the belief that they are doing a meritorious act. Late, it has become a pleasure.
Sri Pada


Knuckles – Mountain

  • The Knuckles Mountain Range covers parts of the Kandy and Matale districts. The Mahaweli Valley seperates from the Central Hills. Its name derives from the shape of a clenched fist ,which forms a scenic wonderland.



  • Piduruthalagala presents an impressive mountain that presents magnificent views over the surrounding landscape. Magnificently positioned in the heart of the country within the central province, this mountain should pass over during a trip to Nuwara Eliya or Sri Lanka. Getting to the peak of Sri Lanka’s highest mountain is a difficult and enthralling task. Those who overcome it and reach the summit will be rewarded with a stunning and breathtaking panoramic view.
  • Apart from offering dramatic views of the country, this mountain offers a wonderfully cool climate. The village with the coolest climate in Sri Lanka position between Piduruthalagala Mountain and the city of Nuwara-Eliya. Numerous plants, animals, birds, and flowers hide in this mountain and most of them are endemic to Sri Lanka. Many rare species of botanical life can find in Piduruthalagala. It says that the Soma plant which can find only in the Himalayas of India grows here.
  • Due to its enormous height, many local broadcasting stations have set up their towers at the peak of this mountain including the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation. Travelers both local and international identify this mountain as a haven for trekking. The journey involves trekking through jungles; past streams and through the heavy mist before finally emerging at the summit and its stunning views.
Piduruthalagala 1



  • To a traveler proceeding from Colombo to Kandy, this magnified cent rock stands as a colossus dwarfing the surrounding landscape. Bathalegala Kanda rises to a height of more than 1688 feet surrounds by its satellites such as Devanagala Kanda hallowed by the visit of the legendary God Alutnuwara Deviyo in the northeast, Kaithankadagala and Urakanda hillocks, and Montane Kanda, Wakirigala Kanda and Uthuwankanda from the north.
  • Image Nature has gifted Bathalegala Kanda with the panorama of cascading waterfalls, luxuriant meadows, and intriguing scenery. Bathalegala is directly under the World Magnetic Field Line and lightning has a special attraction towards it. People say when there is lightning at least two or three will strike Bathalegala.
  • There is a cave on the summit and once “Loku Hamuduruwo” was a victim of a lightning strike but fortunately survived. There is a small Stupa and some caves for the monks on top of the rock. e see Bathalegala as a single rock it is not. The particles of the rock changed eventually because of the magnetic field and the shape of the rock changes, but the stability of the rock will change when the time goes by.” There’s a rock named “Idiri Gala” which is apart from Bathalegala now. People say that 50 years ago one could jump to that rock from Bathalegala.