Terms & Conditions

You and your traveling companions are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted the following tour booking terms and conditions.



All Cancellations of reservations are required in writing. However, cancellation fees will apply and it is computed based on the length of the notice period given prior to the departure. The cancellation fees, as well as corresponding refund components, are indicated in the cancellation/refund policy of each individual tour product.

3) CANCELLATIONS by the Company

Please note that the Company is acting as an agent for services rendered. Even after a deposit or full payment has been made, all arrangements are still subject to final confirmation. If due to some unforeseeable circumstances the arrangement cannot be finalized and the reservation has to be canceled, the Company will Endeavour to notify the Customer at least 1 week before departure.

The Company reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to departure date for any reason including but not limited to an insufficient numbers of participants. The Company may, if it so decides, recommend alternative tours.

The Company may, if it so chooses, recommends alternative tours either to the same destination or other tours, based on current tour fare. In the case of a free and easy tour, accommodation and all other tour services are strictly upon request and subject to confirmation. The Company may recommend alternatives if available. Please note that surcharges may apply on a case by case basis and the Customer will be advised accordingly.

Should the Customer decide not to accept the alternatives, all refunds will be made accordingly by the Company and without further obligations.

The Company shall also not be held liable for any contingent costs incurred by the Customer arising from the cancellation. The Customer shall receive the refund within 4 to 6 weeks upon the Company notifying the Customer of the tour cancellation. Save as stated herein, the Company shall not be liable for any claims, losses, damages, or costs sustained by the Customer.


The amendment fees as well as corresponding components are indicated at the policy of each individual tour products.

All amendments requests must be made in writing to avoid misunderstanding are subject to availability and confirmation by the Company.


If you cancel at least 16 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel between 7 and 10 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee. If you cancel within 6 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.


Payment may be made in American Dollars by cash, NETS, cheques, credit cards. Cheques will only be accepted if presented to the Company at least 7 working days prior to departure date.

07 Payments for Tour Contractors

50 % Tour advance prior to departure dates. Balance should pay within 15 days.


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