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Kandy Day Trips: Explore the Cultural Heart of Sri Lanka

For those looking to discover the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka, a Kandy Day Trip is a must. This historic city is located in the central hills of Sri Lanka and is known for its stunning scenery, vibrant culture, and rich history.

The day trip begins with a visit to the Temple of the Tooth, one of the most important Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. This stunning temple is home to a sacred tooth relic of the Buddha and is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists from around the world.

Next, visitors will explore the Royal Botanical Gardens, a stunning park that is home to a wide range of exotic plants, flowers, and trees. From there, visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the bustling streets of Kandy, where they can see street vendors selling traditional crafts, taste delicious street food, and learn about the local culture and history.

For those interested in learning more about the history of Kandy, a visit to the National Museum of Kandy is a must. This fascinating museum is filled with exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of Kandy and its place in Sri Lankan history.

With its rich cultural heritage, stunning scenery, and vibrant energy, a Kandy Day Trip is the perfect way to discover the heart of Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage. Book your tour today and get ready to explore the rich and varied landscapes of Kandy!


  • Tooth Relic Temple
  • Tea Factory and Tea Garden
  • Spice Herbal Garden
  • Kandy View Point
  • Bahirawakanda Statue
  • Gem Museum
  • Lunch

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Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Experience the enchanting Kandy Day Trip with Lanka Tour Host, featuring a captivating visit to the renowned Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawala. Situated approximately 90 kilometers from Colombo, this sanctuary was established in 1975 by the Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife Conservation to care for abandoned and injured elephants.

Discovering Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage: Embark on an unforgettable journey as you witness firsthand the compassionate care provided to these majestic creatures. Guided by expert caregivers and veterinarians, the orphanage spans a lush 25-acre coconut plantation, offering a semi-natural habitat where elephants can roam freely.

Engaging Activities: Your day trip includes immersive experiences such as observing feeding sessions, where orphaned baby elephants are lovingly bottle-fed. Delight in the sight of elephants splashing in the Maha Oya River during their daily bath, a highlight that showcases their playful interactions and natural behaviors.

Cultural Insights and Conservation Efforts: Beyond its natural beauty, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage provides educational opportunities to learn about elephant conservation and the importance of protecting their habitats. Gain insights into breeding programs aimed at sustaining the elephant population, ensuring a future where these gentle giants thrive.

Seamless Travel with Lanka Tour Host: Throughout your Kandy Day Trip, Lanka Tour Host ensures a seamless experience, offering comfortable transportation, knowledgeable guides, and insider access to the orphanage's activities. Immerse yourself in Sri Lanka's rich wildlife and cultural heritage while supporting responsible tourism practices.

Herbal Spice Garden
Herbal Spice Garden

Embark on a captivating Kandy Day Trip with Lanka Tour Host, and immerse yourself in the healing wonders of the Herbal Garden in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Nestled amidst the lush landscapes, this botanical oasis offers a serene retreat where traditional healing practices and natural remedies flourish.

Exploring the Herbal Garden in Kandy: Your journey begins with a scenic drive from Colombo, guided by Lanka Tour Host's knowledgeable experts. Upon arrival, step into a world of aromatic herbs, medicinal plants, and tropical flora carefully cultivated for centuries.

Educational Insights and Healing Traditions: Engage in an enriching experience as local experts share insights into the diverse medicinal properties of Sri Lanka's herbs and plants. Learn about traditional healing practices passed down through generations, from Ayurvedic remedies to holistic wellness treatments.

Guided Tour and Interactive Demonstrations: Stroll through the garden's pathways adorned with vibrant blooms and exotic herbs. Experience firsthand demonstrations on herbal preparation techniques and the art of blending natural ingredients for wellness and rejuvenation.

Cultural Heritage and Sustainability: Discover the cultural heritage intertwined with Sri Lanka's rich biodiversity. Gain an appreciation for sustainable practices in herbal cultivation and the importance of preserving natural ecosystems for future generations

Tea Factory and Tea Estate
Tea Factory and Tea Estate

Embark on an enriching Kandy Day Trip with Lanka Tour Host and delve into the fascinating world of tea at a traditional tea factory in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Nestled amidst the picturesque hills, this experience offers a glimpse into the meticulous process of tea production and the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka's tea industry.

Exploring the Tea Factory in Kandy: Your journey begins with a scenic drive through lush landscapes, guided by Lanka Tour Host's experienced local guides. Arrive at the tea factory, where the aroma of freshly brewed tea leaves fills the air, setting the stage for an immersive educational experience.

Insights into Tea Production: Step inside the tea factory to witness firsthand the journey from leaf to cup. Learn about the art of tea plucking, with insights into the different grades and varieties of tea cultivated in Sri Lanka's fertile highlands. Discover the intricate processes of withering, rolling, fermenting, drying, and sorting that transform freshly picked tea leaves into the world-renowned Ceylon tea.

Interactive Demonstrations and Tastings: Engage in interactive demonstrations led by knowledgeable tea experts who explain the nuances of tea processing techniques. Participate in a tea tasting session, where you can savor a variety of flavors, from robust black teas to delicate green teas, gaining an appreciation for Sri Lanka's diverse tea culture.

Cultural Heritage and Sustainability: Gain insight into the cultural significance of tea in Sri Lanka's history and economy. Learn about sustainable practices in tea cultivation and the efforts to preserve the integrity of Ceylon tea as a global hallmark of quality and taste.

Tooth Relic Temple
Tooth Relic Temple

The Tooth Relic Temple in Kandy, Sri Lanka, commonly known as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, is a revered Buddhist site that holds great cultural and religious significance. It is located in the heart of Kandy, surrounded by lush greenery and set against the backdrop of the picturesque Kandy Lake.

History and Importance: The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic houses the tooth relic of Lord Buddha, making it one of the most sacred places of worship for Buddhists around the world. According to tradition, the tooth relic was brought to Sri Lanka in the 4th century AD and has since been venerated and protected as a symbol of enlightenment and spiritual power.

Architectural Splendor: The temple complex itself is a testament to Sri Lanka's rich architectural heritage. Built in a blend of Kandyan, South Indian, and Indo-Chinese architectural styles, it features intricate carvings, golden roofs, and ornate decorations that reflect the island's cultural diversity and artistic prowess.

Visiting the Temple: Visitors to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic can expect a serene and spiritually enriching experience. Upon entering the temple, you will encounter stunning murals depicting scenes from Buddhist lore, serene courtyards adorned with flowering trees, and rituals that offer glimpses into centuries-old traditions.

Ceremonies and Rituals: One of the most iconic rituals at the temple is the daily puja (offering) ceremonies, during which devotees and monks pay homage to the sacred tooth relic with offerings of flowers, incense, and traditional music. These rituals, accompanied by chanting and drumming, create a deeply meditative atmosphere that is both solemn and uplifting.

Surrounding Attractions: Adjacent to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, visitors can explore the Royal Palace complex, which once housed the Kandyan kings and now serves as a museum showcasing artifacts from Sri Lanka's royal history. The nearby Kandy Lake and its tranquil surroundings offer a perfect complement to the temple visit, providing a peaceful retreat amidst the bustling city.


At Aloy Tourist Restaurant in Kandy, you can enjoy a delightful lunch featuring traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry, along with options for Western dishes. Here’s what you can expect:

Traditional Sri Lankan Rice and Curry:

  • Rice: Steamed rice served as a staple base for your meal.
  • Curries: A selection of traditional Sri Lankan curries, such as:
    • Fish curry
    • Chicken curry
    • Dhal curry (lentil curry)
    • Vegetable curry

These curries are typically rich in flavor, infused with spices like turmeric, cumin, and curry leaves, providing a delicious blend of savory tastes.

Western Food Options: For those preferring Western cuisine or seeking variety:

  • Grilled Chicken or Fish: Served with vegetables or a side salad.
  • Pasta Dishes: Such as spaghetti with a choice of sauces (like marinara or carbonara).
  • Salads: Fresh, crisp salads with assorted dressings.
  • Sandwiches or Burgers: Made with local ingredients or classic preparations.

Ambience and Experience: Aloy Tourist Restaurant offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and enjoying your meal. The restaurant’s ambiance blends traditional decor with modern comforts, providing a pleasant setting to savor your food and soak in the local hospitality.

Upper Lake (View Point)
Upper Lake (View Point)

The Kandy Upper Lake Viewpoint offers a stunning vista of Kandy Lake (also known as Kiri Muhuda or the Sea of Milk) and its surrounding landscape. Here’s what you can expect when visiting this picturesque spot:

Scenic Beauty: Located on a hillside overlooking Kandy Lake, the Upper Lake Viewpoint provides panoramic views of the serene lake waters shimmering against the backdrop of lush greenery and the cityscape of Kandy. The view is particularly captivating during sunrise or sunset when the sky is painted with hues of orange and pink, casting a magical glow over the landscape.

Historical Significance: Kandy Lake itself holds historical significance as it was built in 1807 by King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, the last king of Sri Lanka. The lake was designed to enhance the beauty of the Royal Palace and Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, which are located nearby. The Upper Lake Viewpoint allows you to appreciate the strategic design and aesthetic harmony of this historic water feature.

Relaxing Atmosphere: The viewpoint offers a peaceful and tranquil environment, ideal for leisurely strolls or simply sitting back to admire the natural beauty and cityscape below. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photographer capturing stunning vistas, or a traveler seeking moments of serenity amidst your exploration of Kandy, the Upper Lake Viewpoint offers a refreshing retreat.

Accessibility and Amenities: Access to the Upper Lake Viewpoint is typically easy, with pathways or roads leading up to the hillside. Many visitors choose to combine a visit to the viewpoint with a stroll around Kandy Lake itself or a visit to nearby attractions such as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off in Colombo (or port pickup)
  • Entrance Tickets mentioned on Itinerary
  • Lunch
  • Transport by private vehicle
  • Driver/guide
  • Bottled water
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Alcoholic drinks (available to purchase)
  • Food and drinks


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What should I wear for the tour?

Answer: When visiting the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, you should dress modestly, covering your knees and shoulders. This shows respect for the religious and cultural significance of the site.

How long is a Kandy Day Tour?

The Kandy Day Trip typically lasts between 8 to 10 hours, allowing ample time to explore the city's key attractions such as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Spice Herbal Garden and Gem Musiem while also including lunch and transportation.

Is drinking water provided during the tour?

Answer: Yes, bottled water is generally provided to ensure guests stay hydrated throughout the day.

Can the Kandy Day Tour be customized?

Answer: The itinerary for the Kandy Day Tour is typically scheduled by Lanka Tour Host to fit within the day's timeframe, accommodating the size of the group and ensuring all planned attractions and activities are covered. Customization options may be available depending on specific preferences and needs, which can be discussed with Lanka Tour Host.

Are there opportunities for shopping during the tour?

Answer: Yes, depending on the itinerary, there may be stops at local markets or handicraft shops where you can purchase souvenirs or traditional Sri Lankan products.

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