Mattala International Airport

Mattala International Airport is an international airport located in the southern part of Sri Lanka. The airport was built in 2013 and was intended to serve as a hub for international flights, especially to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The airport is located near several popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, including Yala National Park and the coastal town of Hambantota. This makes it a convenient entry point for tourists visiting these attractions.

Despite its potential, Mattala International Airport has faced several challenges since its opening. The airport has been criticized for its low passenger traffic, with many flights being cancelled due to lack of demand. As a result, the airport has been operating at a loss and has become a controversial topic in Sri Lankan politics.

Despite these challenges, the Sri Lankan government has made efforts to promote the airport and attract more airlines and passengers. The government has implemented measures such as reduced landing fees and improved ground handling services in an effort to make the airport more attractive to airlines.

Plans are underway to develop the surrounding area as a logistics and industrial hub, which could potentially increase demand for air transportation services. The airport’s location near the Hambantota port and proposed industrial zone makes it an attractive destination for investors and businesses looking to tap into Sri Lanka’s growing economy.

Mattala International Airport is a promising but controversial airport that has faced several challenges since its opening. With the Sri Lankan government’s efforts to promote the airport and attract more airlines and passengers, it remains to be seen whether the airport will become a successful hub for international flights and a gateway to Sri Lanka’s popular tourist destinations.

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